Straight Talking: Advice for Getting Braces


Many people, especially those of school age, feel that seeing an orthodontist is like signing away your smile for a couple of years.  While everybody wants the positive effect that wearing braces will eventually bring, it can make people quick self-conscious in the meantime; but really, there's absolutely nothing to be worried about.  Braces are so common now, especially in young people, that it won't be unusual for anybody to see you wearing one.  It also won't be anywhere near as uncomfortable or painful as you may expect.  Of course, there are things you can do to make the whole process go more smoothly, so here are just a few tips.

Take Food Instructions Seriously

One mistake many people make when wearing an orthodontic brace is to disregard the advice their orthodontist gives them and continue to stick to the same diet.  If you do this, you may well regret it.  Not only can hard foods get stuck in your brace and hurt both you and your teeth, but they make cleaning your brace a real pain.  Some people don't believe this until they spend an hour picking chewing gum out of metal.  Don't be one of those people!  Equally, you should pay attention to the orthodontist with regards to sodas and sugary drinks.  If you're not careful, they will stain your teeth beneath the brace and cause discoloration.

Practice Talking

While many people won't have a problem, some can find it a little strange to speak while wearing a brace.  If the thought of this makes you uncomfortable, give yourself a little time after having the brace fitted to practice talking.  This need only be the rest of the day; don't go back to school as soon as you get it fitted, for example.  Once you've had a chance to readjust to the way your mouth feels now, you'll sound perfectly normal.  Again, this doesn't apply to everyone, either; chances are you'll speak normally from the get-go.

Don't Stress

As previously mentioned, braces are very common now.  It's unlikely that anybody will comment negatively about your wearing one.  It really shouldn't affect your smile as much as you'd expect.  As such, don't try to stop smiling or open your mouth as little as possible; these efforts are more likely to draw attention than the brace itself is.  If you really are self-conscious about the thought of wearing a brace, consider investing in a more expensive procedure such as Invisalign.  However, if you can't afford the cost, no fear; it will look absolutely fine, and once it's taken out, your smile will be perfectly aligned.

So long as you follow these top tips and keep up with your cleaning as per the orthodontist's instructions, wearing your braces should pose no problem to you.  Good luck!


29 March 2017

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